Our voicebot Is Absolutely Awesome

Acebot is an AI powered, voicebot which runs on any browser. It can communicate via voice with any human over a website, mobile apps or any software application. It is easy and quick to implement and very friendly to use. 

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Acebot works 24/7 365 days in a year non-stop

It allows digital assets to respond to human voice intelligently, making the experience of the digital user, “humanesque”

The voicebot can be used as a customer service tool, as a salesman to increase online sales, as digital talking ads. The voice creates the credibility and confidence in the minds of the potential customer when they interact with digital assets, for example: the BOT interacts with customers and answer their queries when they visit any website. It can also read from documents and URLs and answer queries. It can seamlessly talk to any backend system via APIs and answer customer queries.

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Key Features