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Our Services

Films, Videos and Animations

We create memorable films, videos, and animations. Our corporate films and videos help reach the business goals, engage with the desired audience, and drive action. Each film production starts with a creative concept arrived at by a number of brainstorming sessions with the client to understand the business goal. The concept is then modified, polished to create an immersive experience in the form of a film or a video. Through our animations, we bring the most complex ideas and processes to life. We simplify. Each of our animations tells a story to entertain and enthuse. Our Work

Software Development and Testing
Website and Mobile Apps
Website and mobile app design & development

We design, develop and test websites and mobile apps on all popular technologies, both open source and proprietary. We have expertise on open source web platforms like Core PHP, PHP frameworks like Code Igniter, Laravel, Angular , Node JS, MySQL , MariaDB and proprietary platforms like .NET , ASPX, SQL Server


We also develop mobile applications on native iOS and Android platforms and also on cross platform frameworks like Reactive Native and Flutter.
Our Work

Software Development
Design -> Assess -> Develop -> Assess

Our software development strategy is Agile i.e. Iterative development where requirements are understood in collaboration and solutions are also evolved in collaboration. The collaboration is synergistic and benefits client and development team both. We believe constant and clear communication from the beginning of the cycle is key  to the success of the project.

Functional and Non-functional

We do functional and Non-functional testing. The Functional Testing of most projects happen in Agile mode thus giving an early window to the client to see what is being developed and whether the developed product is in synchronization with the requirements thrashed out in the daily scrum. Any deviation in requirement is handled by this early intervention.

Non-functional testing involves testing the application for the operational readiness of the software into the production environment. It is done after User Acceptance Testing. This essentially includes performance testing, security testing, compatibility testing of the software under test. Sometimes this also includes “Failover Testing”. More on testing

Branding & Print
Logo design and tag line

Led buy our creative director, Shubhra Verma Bhatnagar, our creative team designs logos that will make your brand stand out. She is still old school in her design process. Starts with a pencil and paper and produces a sketch to reflect her thought process, then only is that design translated to the computer. That is why the designs are fresh and new as opposed to the stale hash jobs of logos on the internet.


We also suggest appropriate tag lines for the brand and produce design collaterals like stationery and business cards to offer the full branding package

Marketing Collaterals
Posters, leaflets, hoardings etc..

We design stunning marketing collaterals like posters, leaflets, standees, tent cards, menu designs for indoor marketing and hoardings, cutouts etc. for outdoor marketing


We also design book covers, invitation cards and other such print collaterals

Print Ad Campaigns
Newspaper & Magazine Ads

We design ad campaigns for brands and products for the print media. We have a fully immersive process of understanding the business objective of an ad campaign through a series of workshops. The key communication tenets of a campaign are then derived from those workshops and then the look and feel of the full campaign is worked out. The whole process is iterative and happens while working closely with the client. Once the campaign is designed then ads are produced for the chosen media like newspapers or magazines.