Revfin is an electric vehicle financing company that gives loans to independent drivers to buy electric vehicles. These drivers come from the disadvantaged strata of society who will otherwise not have any access to finance. Misfits managed to get 25K new followers in a short period of time with fascinating stories of such drivers, videos and visuals depicting various facts and statistics.

Svarn Saathi – Bestochem

Misfits designed, implemented, and managed the Digital Marketing Campaigns to promote Svarnsathi, a natural health supplement of a major pharmaceutical company called Bestochem. Svarnsaathi is a nutraceutical product, which helps to boost immunity. The aim of the Campaigns was to promote the product to urban consumers as a natural heathy alternative to antibiotics and anti-histamines.

Gif for Eid


Misfits designed, implemented, and managed the complete Digital Marketing Campaigns to promote ESY products and services and enhance brand awareness in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities of India. This included designing campaigns to run on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and running Google PPC campaigns to drive traffic to its newly built website, which too was designed by Misfits.