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Software Testing

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We also do Non-functional and Functional testing.
Performance Testing

One of the frequent non-functional requirements of an application is to prove its performance with increased user load. We use Apache Jmeter to create the non-functional scripts and run the recorded scripts against scheduled time for various loads (http/https requests) to calculate the Application Performance Index.

Tools used : Apache Jmeter

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Security Testing
Web applications

The key objective of Web Application Security Testing is to identify whether any vulnerabilities exists in the Web Application and to exploit those that can be seen and compromised by malicious users. The purpose of this testing is to ensure the security of the network and web server from external threats through the web application is eliminated.

The application’s vulnerability is assessed by simulating an attack. The security gaps are identified and explained with an assessment of their impact and possible solutions for their mitigation.

Tools Used: BurpSuite

Case Studies
Security Design defects
Compatibility testing in a nutshell
Compatibility Testing

The Web and mobile applications are tested across multiple browsers and mobile simulators of different operating systems and hardware and software configurations. A detailed report of its functionality across the browsers and mobile simulators is prepared along with recommendations for improvement, if any.

Tools Used: Lambdatest

And ofcourse we do lot of functional testing
Product and System Integration Testing, UI and UX Testing

A thoroughly tested product or application for all its functionalities Vis-a-vis business cases rarely fail in User Acceptance Testing. We have seen it in our years of testing experience. If one understands the business, covers all use cases and understands stakeholder’s expectations and translates them into complete test cases, a newly built product or system is bound to be a success.

Agile development and testing